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The specific objectives can be summarised as follows:

-        The creation of an international centre of excellence for the restoration and conservation of ancient mosaics at the Archaeological Museum of Classe (Ravenna), by provided the basic instrumental equipment for 9 restoration laboratories for the conservation and cataloguing of archaeological remains, and the complete instrumental equipping of a pilot laboratory for the restoration of ancient mosaics;

-The communication and spread of restoration techniques for archaeological remains, especially ancient mosaics, through training initiatives within the above laboratories, study and research programmes and assistance at sites managed by EAC partner countries;

-        The distribution on networks of existing archaeological knowledge in the Adriatic countries, especially concerning ancient mosaics, and the expression of a common regional heritage through the involvement of EAC countries in the restoration and study activities in the laboratories during the communication stages of the project;

-        Raising the profile of the culture of archaeology and the protection of cultural heritage among the Adriatic peoples by promoting public awareness of ancient mosaics and their special restoration techniques through the creation of an exhibition event in Ravenna, and a number of local exhibitions in the various EAC countries;

–      Making archaeology a cultural tourism resource on both sides of the Adriatic.